CSS Hero 4.07 is here – CSS Hero

Version 4 of our plugin has gotten lots of praise by our users, for it’s speed and it’s simple, clean and  streamlined user interface. Overall, since V4, CSS Hero feels like a much easier to use plugin – and we’re really happy about that.

This release does just deal with solving some really minor bugs. Here’s a quick list of what’s changed.

  • Upon quitting the editor, user is returned to the specific page where it was – instead of being brought to the homepage
  • Plugin initial state (zero CSS edits) does not throw a 404 anymore for referencing an empty CSS file in the browser console
  • More solid product activation routine via stronger data validation
  • Minor security tweaks in editor launching page

We recommend all version 4 users to upgrade to 4.07 – you can download it as usual from your Dashboard.

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