We’re very happy to announce that CSS Hero has been now updated to 3.4! Lots of great news in the pack plus some bug fixes which have been in the plans for a while now.

Smooth on scroll animations with Animator

Animator has been bundled in CSS Hero 3.4, now you can easily animate each element on your page upon scroll to bring that extra wow effect to your website. Adding animations is as easy as choosing the right effect and optionally tune it with an easing or delay to make it look perfect

Undo Redo

The whole history navigation has been refactored to be 3x faster than in 3.3, browsing thru your edits history is now blazing fast!

Create New Snippet

This has been a long awaited feature that finally lands on our plugin, creating a custom snippet from scratch is now possible.

Quick add Snippet

Upon right click on an editable element you can quickly choose one of your custom snippets to apply on the fly (empty if no custom snippets are in the loop)

Editor dropdowns update

All CSS Hero dropdowns have been updated to a more modern look and functionality including a neat auto-complete and arrow browsing.

Parser Fix

Our parser was going thru some hard times rendering complex snippets including nested pseudo elements. This has been fixed.

Code Editor

We noticed a weird behaviour in 3.3 causing the code editor to float in some cases, this has been identified and fixed.

That’s it! Want to give it a spin? Get CSS Hero from your Dashboard, upgrade is safe, all your edits will be stored.

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