CSS Hero 3.1 is out! This brand new update brings some pretty cool new features and some small fixes to make your CSS Hero experience better than ever.
Let’s immediately dig into the details and enjoy this trip!

New Font Manager: redesigned UX

Using special Google or Typekit font is much easier than before, with a simple and streamlined interface.

Relative static CSS file URL generation

This small fix will help staging sites and site migrations in general.

Unsplash API update

Now we send a ping to UnSplash upon image choice, to meet latest API updates.

New spacing widget

Easily handle paddingsmargins in visual way, the old ‘inlined’ controls are still available upon Expand click.

Inspector auto-scroll

Triggering Inspector now scrolls the code editor to the currently editable element.

Important Parser FIX (as first introduced in beta 3.09.7)

History back-forward closing tabs fix

Editor tabs now stay open when browsing through edits history.

Help Links

Help links that pointed to the CSS Reference site  have now been updated and now link  to Mozilla dev.

Better feedback upon successful saving

A more clear visual feedback is shown when hitting the “Save and Publish” button.

Properties Tab editable count is now clickable

Pointing to the edited props for the current element.

Added the .duotonizer() class

A cool code snippet to make duotone images

URL updates upon site browsing

The app url now updates upon browsing the website frame allowing consistency on page refresh (save needed).

Shift + arrow UPDOWN

Re-introduced SHIFT + arrow UPDOWN functionalities on inputs to increasedecrease values with +-10.

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